Well, the majority of voters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have spoken. Celebration is in the air for the winners, whiles the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) pack up and leave. Rumor has it that corruption had worsened during the times of the NDC incumbency, and the NPP have backing claims to put up a good show for it. However, there are skepticism about this jubilation of the NPP not lasting that long. I don’t mean to play ‘the devil’s advocate’ but, now isn’t the time to be in glory. Tomorrow’s headaches are there packed up and waiting.

It’s sad that many go through life not learning anything from history. The same dirty politics is played everywhere, and those who know little about these games find their minds outwitted by fancy words and promises which aren’t close to being feasible especially with the margin of budget deficit which the outgoing NDC have showered upon the country with surprising foundations, not forgetting DUBAI. Every Ghanaian owes almost five thousand dollars, maybe more, to all borrowed moneys from the outside countries.

Now, the NPP have come up with offering $1000, 000 to each and every district claiming it will be sufficient to put up a FACTORY, thereby creating fantastic jobs so to speak. Are they playing safe so they can share the money among themselves? Then also, the “ONE DISTRICT ONE DAM” offers another fanatic castle of which I see no reason for it to be made in the first place. Was the NPP that desperate for power that they offered even THE MOON to the chiefs and the people just to have control over our monies?

It’s interesting when many have myopic sights as to these castles built in the air.

I admire the NPP winning over the NDC with PSYCHOLOGY. But I don’t appreciate what they proclaim to be the good news of the coming generation. Definitely, the promises these political parties make are merely feasible let alone attainable in such short periods.

Let’s face facts here. Everything we politicize about, has MONEY controlling its activities. What I mean to say is, the total population of Ghana is about 27,000, 000. Out of which the working population don’t match up to that number, let alone the high rates of unemployment rendering Ghana hopping on one leg. How then are they going to produce $1, 000, 000 for their upcoming factories for two hundred and sixteen (216) districts let alone the two hundred sixteen (216) dams in the next four year term of office? To calculate, that’s like $216, 000, 000 a year for each district per factory. When multiplied over four years, that’s close to $864, 000, 000 not in Ghana Cedi but in DOLLARS!!!

Please, to-be President of Ghana, this campaign promises is not going to do us much good. Perhaps you should come up with another feasible idea that will set the foundation of Ghana straight in development not more headaches and damages.

Lest I forget, the upcoming projects which have speculated all over social media about the wonders the NPP will do, is another headache. And before those said projects can be done, a few questions need to be raised here.

Where exactly are the NPP going to get the money from? Would it be the oil revenue? The taxes? Or the NPP has some revenues sitting idle which the Ghanaians are yet to know.

Which bank will the NPP solicit these funds to start the project amidst the debt they even owe to the banks for their campaigns?

Will the foundation of several projects of the NDC come to a halt or will the NPP continue with where they left off?

If NPP decides to embark on its own projects and behaves in a way, as it did before, will that not spell doom for the nation?

Besides, the NPP refused to debate what they intend doing for the nation in the long-terms to come. That is very disappointing because many Ghanaians were hoping to hear from their point of view the blue-print for the ruling party. How solid will their grounds prove that we are forging ahead?

Most of it all, when the to-be president sits on the throne, will he think of clearing his DEBT first before thinking about others? I will not be surprised if that should happen, because NPP government did that before. History has a tendency to repeat itself, unless the to-be president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankuah, can set a new record in improving the economy which the outgoing president, John Dramani Mahama, was about accomplishing. I don’t mean to offend anybody here. What President John Dramani Mahama was doing could be the setting pace for development.

For the record, Ghana is too small to have multiple dams in all districts let alone thin out its resources over upcoming projects which will drown the nation into more debts.

Set jubilation aside and come up with plans to reduce the heavy deficits upon each Ghanaian’s head so the economy becomes a manageable one.

First it was POSITIVE CHANGE rendering Ghana HIPC. Next, CHANGE IS COMING. Another slogan for what, more accumulated debts for a small country?

Well, if the to-be president sets a positive record in the History of Ghana, then the future is bright. Remember, the multi-oppositions are watching and if the NPP makes a slight miscalculation, they are in for trouble.

Make Ghana proud.


I’m being realistic and neutral in my grounds. So, if you have anything worth contributing, that will be much appreciated rather than stick to abusive languages which leads us nowhere.


Protocol, Schedule, Routine…

These, I believe, are the daily announcements rewiring the minds of behavior in our lives. I have reason to believe we’re more than this robotic program or code tuned to our brains. Weekdays, you and I see ourselves doing the same thing over and over again. Does it not bother people? Maybe, it bothers me but not others. Rewire where the money goes and there you would find the sleepy heads running towards that path. I mean no offense to people who see survival as the best solution to staying alive.

Nature is a MYSTERY. Why? Because it finds its own way to feeding itself. If you think about it, you would notice the point I’m making here. Who feeds the animals? Who shows the birds where their food is? Do they pay for the food they eat? Do they pay for the water they drink? Do they pay for the air as well as energy revitalizing their systems? As human as we are, such thoughts are determined by the Maker, that is, during “church activities”. That’s where we’re wrong. The Maker made everything free for everyone. He never left you nor me without something to replenish our inhabited bodies. The doings of man is what led to this acts of MACHINATION.

What went wrong in the past? How did the future have such an indelible twist that nothing can be done to change this machination program? What do humans seek in evolution? Just take a good look at what we’ve become. Chasing illusions just to appease the self.

There are endless lists of questions pointing to the CYCLE of machinations. Are we so stuck in one code that we operate even when we’re asleep?

I thought of all these while sitting in the mini-van plying the routes to Accra. I watched different humans, the likes of me chasing after the same thing…”Egga”, “Kudi”, “Sika”…things that point to more material acquisitions which only provides little or no satisfaction. In the end, that emolument has to go for fuel, for bills, for taxes, expenses, for liabilities or things that evade our minds with the true meaning of life.

[Van halts amidst traffic.]

Right to my left is a ‘mad-man’ who undoubtedly took off from the psychiatry which is about six to seven kilometers away. How did he end up like this? Who knows? My thoughts veered towards that part of who exactly was going mad.

Are the sane going insane? Maybe, the one sitting right next to me is equally mad as the one outside. The only difference is the suit and tie plus the neatness. NEAT-INSANITY. That’s what we’re heading towards. Struggle has become a virus which the mind can do without. It can be changed, but to what degree can it alter these programmed brains of ours?

Just ask yourself this question, HOW INSANE HAVE YOU BECOME?

See the toxic we breathe awaiting the green light. So much carbon emissions, yet people sell food and water around them, all because of ‘kudi’. In the end, a human, who undoubtedly thinks he is sane, ends up in the hospital for treatment. If he isn’t recuperating, the next place to go is the church…searching for miracles to drive the dis-easiness away; praying desperately to be reprogrammed again. His ailment should have opened his mind but instead, he goes back to sleep, repeating the cycle over again. We pollute ourselves thinking we’re doing no harm to nature. After the deliverance, the cash is raised in the form of collection, tithe, or thanksgiving. An illusion of programming.

Who says the Maker needs your money? Maker never said, “Hey you over there! Give me this as payment for curing you ailment!”  Maker never asked for them. All the Maker wants is for you to act as real CARETAKERS OF THE PLANET not THE DESTROYERS OF THE PLANET.

We’ve become so attuned to entertainment and many detached senseless rhythms which add minute or no value to why we breathe.

In the end, I question. Who are we deceiving? Ourselves or the Maker. Does everything have to do with money all the time? See how selfish we’ve become. We pollute just about everything, all in an attempt to make a living. Now the BAD-SIDE of nature snares at us seeking revenge for what we’ve done to her. The invention of money seems to be the cause of all these problems. But how are we to live without it? Barter Trade is what this planet’s people is all about. But the greed has reached its peak, and it needs to fall.

Humans, I put this to you. What is the most important thing that really matters to us? Is it about the money controlled by a few elites who have no ends to their blood-lust for more power? Or do we seek to assist those that really need help? Or do we come together as one people to replenish what has been destroyed on the planet?

Machines operate based on a line of code instructing for obedience of command. What difference does it make watching humans and robots think alike?

We wake from bed by the sound of the alarm…rush, rush, rush. Hoping to catch the first bus to the towers called offices. We deep freeze our bodies in what we call air conditions for the next eight to nine hours; missing the nutrition of nature calling ourselves the native British people when facts say we live in Africa. We dress like the British amidst this hot temperature; even in the rainy seasons workers still use the air conditioners. What is wrong with the mental faculty? What are we chasing after? We fool ourselves thinking we’re helping ourselves. We spend so much energy doing one thing every single day. Either we are typing something on the phones or tablets or watching the screens, or signing and stamping papers; activities which repeat every weekday. Our minds have been warped to think about profit making in terms of how much doe one can make. But what profit do we give to nature?

Plastic bags have become an unsolved case, it’s close to being a mystery. Repeated activities which leads to more pollution; mindless robots don’t see what becomes of the natural minerals around them.

‘What goes around comes back around’

Nature surely knows how to pay you back. If you pollute the water-bodies where would you get clean water to drink? If you pollute the land, dis-eases are all you get. If you pollute the vital source for breathing, cancerous cells and harmful bacteria becomes your air. If you set too much fire to everything along your path, all you get is burnt stuff. How long are you going to keeping seeing these harmful infestations before you get to do something?

If we keep repeating these habits of machination (not caring) we should be expecting doomsday at our door steps. Don’t act like you know nothing. We all see something wrong everyday but we always allow the second thoughts to bother us with EYES WATCHING.

I think we’ve lost our humanity. Everything appears to be one way. Struggle for ‘Egga’, afford some luxury, get the beautiful man or woman, give birth to kids, and let them join the race of machination. Clap for yourselves. Good Job! Keep it up! There is more room for improving machination! Bravo!

You don’t know that you’re falling asleep by doing these routine jobs every day. I see people rallying alongside curfew calling it life. That is not my definition for life. It is a definition of real imprisonment. Why? Because the carrot is always dangling in front of us, that is why.

In the end… Protocol, Schedule, Routine…will be the minds of all. A wonderfully programmed system helping us destroy our sense of reasoning.

Are we being controlled by the Maker or the doings of Men? It is up to you to answer that.

What People Want to Hear

Today, not feeling so enthused about working, I find it always hard to miss this peculiar OMEN that surrounds the development of Ghana. I’ve wondered why many great minds suffer great rejection when they try to make their opinions matter in the development of the country. Bottlenecks, as rumor says, have decapitated the progress of development by refusing great minds to assist the country’s demeaning state.

Citizens, many of whom are the youth, are not sure about the nature of this country. The leader with ‘his sections and sub-sections’ seem not to care about the people at all even though we voted them into the seat of presidency. I’m not sure about how the development is being tracked but it appears that lots of projects concerning constructions have been going in various isolated sectors for the purpose of expanding their businesses to certain areas of the country. Progress is something the leader understands, but the communication is the problem. Citizens don’t really see the trends in this constructions and more facilities when their pockets are crying indefinitely for help.

I don’t blame this country. Why? Because our constitutions along with the unknown laws and ideas appear to be borrowed from the outside. Not many know about the constitution that much and yet many are forced to read it when they don’t really need it. The real problems affecting the country remains with the graduation of students in various sectors of the country.

Every year more than a hundred thousand students gain qualification as they graduate but out of a hundred thousand, ten to a hundred get jobs and the rest are left to their own fate. Indeed, we are developing.

The educational sector needs to change its tactics concerning how great minds think. Kids are developing faster but not all of them. The remedy is to make education more practical than theoretical. I remember back in junior high, we were made to picture what acid, base and salts were without much application. It’s all about jamming some bunch of words into those brains, and the smartness wasn’t really there. There is a likely result of more children becoming outcast because their brains appear to work differently in this time zone.

The colonial education needs to be abolished because it’s not helping the country at all. The country needs to break down its walls and accept CHANGE as a new trend to development.

When kids talk, adults think them to be speaking nonsense because adults have pretty much developed too much EGO which clouds their judgment in working things out. Busy! Busy! Busy!

But let me ask—What are they so busy for? Nothing, if you ask me.

Kids have the tendency to explore many things than the adult who think one-sided, no offense. This ‘attention’ is a necessary deal for government to pay very particular note to, instead of thinking about their pot bellies. Children have developed better abilities than the adult and sometimes it baffles me that such young brains know more about technology than the adults do. Also, there are kids who see something beyond the walls of what nature knows which we, as ‘adults’, don’t know.

The potential is there to nourish such minds but what do we see? Same old school structure; same old examinations; same old postings and many more. It’s as if this mind manipulation of the youth has become too entangled with get a job, afford a luxury, get a wife or husband and make children and then let them join same old same old.

Eerk! What is becoming of this country?

Now, back to the jobs which ‘education’ appears to have created; it’s so ironic that I keep seeing the hardworking and honest people shrink in flesh only to make more money for bosses who add a pound to their skin.

When I think deeply about this picture my thoughts drift me towards this mind games plus ego. And if this isn’t solved the country will plummet into a state that Ghanaians will not be able to recover from. We are spelling ANARCHY for the future generation if we don’t act fast. I’m concerned about the future but current people are concerned about now, and how they could get a few bucks into their pockets, and it can’t be helped. People like: the act fast, get rich fast, be the nicest guy to all and spend peoples’ monies.

Shortcut! Shortcut! Shortcut!

That’s what’s trending today on social media and other channels. After all the tremors and toils and sweat with numerous theories with little practicality, there are issues involving Trust of citizens in the country. It’s all about, “Everyone for himself, God for us all.” We are dying very fast.

Today, many want to here:

  • Availability of jobs for those who graduate from schools
  • Straight forward constructs of job creation
  • A rise in the cedi
  • A sense of value in their pockets
  • A migration policy to prevent the influx of more citizens from the Northern sectors to the Southern Sectors
  • More railway constructions to lessen traffic
  • More local ideas to help develop an independent country
  • More industries
  • More local products flooding the market
  • More potential business making the country’s economy accelerate

In fact, the list goes on and on and on. If this could be done, why can’t we act together to ensure the safety of our future kids?

I’m a bit skeptical about what people want to hear these days. And all I keep seeing is nothing but SURVIVAL but not OF THE FITTEST.

If you ask me, survival is not based on how strong an individual is but how tactful he is at mind games. And this is the rationality behind the syndrome of SURVIVAL MODE.

These mind-game ‘sub-leaders’ have made it a tactful mechanism to swindle the citizens’ right to certain paid-for infrastructure such as roads, heath-care facilities, education, access to local products, and many more.

It’s so bad that these ‘sub-leaders’, who have everything for free, keep wanting more free stuff aside getting the job done. This is a fact, not some theory or made up thought. Our elected representatives of government pay not a dime for fuel, toll both, water bills, nor electricity bills. These ‘commodities’ are shifted to the citizens who bear the cost to these ‘political affiliates’ who don’t give a damn about you nor me. Yet citizens keep allowing them to toy with their minds with ambiguous jargons, out of which nothing proves their worth in the seats anyway.

The wheels they drive are very expensive luxury, and I wonder how the government is able to purchase them. These representatives are duping the country over empty but manipulative words when they should be helping the community. Why won’t corruption become the next mind set?



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